Friday, April 4, 2008

Poll Results: 84 Percent vote "YES" on Obama as Independent

That's right 84% of the vast New American Negro Blog audience say you would vote for Obama if he ran as an Independent in the November general election for President. Only 2% voted "No" and 3% were undecided.

Now it appears this wont be necessary. The polling numbers from other organizations such as Rasmussen and the folks at Pubic Policy Polling would suggest Clinton may be the candidate without the Democratic Party's blessing come November.

But it's good to know you can be counted on, all 33 0f you... I mean 84% (sounds more impressive) to support Barack if something unimaginable happens at the Democratic convention.


Unknown said...

Hey, Rusty! What happened to NAN? No new posts in six weeks! I thought you might have something to say about last month's events, not least being Jeremiah Wright going batty and doing his best to be the fly in Obama's ointment.
Get on the stick! This NAN right here wants more NAN!

David Jenkins said...

We miss you, Rusty! Post some new stuff!