Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plaxico Burress On Gun Safety

Plaxico wins the award for FOOL MOVE of the Year! When the guy played in Pittsburgh for the Steelers he lived just down the street from my mom. He seemed reasonable, I mean he had the white on white on white Mercedes for his girlfriend, and the requisite Hummer and a Pick Up that was jacked up about two stories high, but that's normal for a young NFL star. I mean Big Ben Rothlisberger lived across the street as well and though his trucks weren't as big he rode a motorcycle without a helmet and crashed (almost making him Big "BEEN" Rothlisberger ) so obviously stupidity runs on both sides of the racial divide when it comes to NFL superstars.

But shooting yourself in the leg at a disco requires a level of bad judgment that goes beyond the normal idiocy of these guys. So anyhow, here's another video a friend sent me that I didn't produce, but find rather funny...