Friday, March 28, 2008

Vagina - It Just Sounds Funny

For those who have stopped through and seen more commentary than funny on the last few trips, here's something that should fall into the "funny" category. This sketch was one of the New American Negro Comedy Hour sketches that helped me land a gig on the Chappelle Show. So that let's you know how old it is.

3 black guys talking about vaginas of different ethnicities. How more politically incorrect can you get? Enjoy the Manford Ray Show.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

conTEXT, LIES and VIDEOTAPE hear Rev. Wright unedited

We all know the media can't be trusted to tell the whole story about anything. Well here is what none of the major news outlets had the time to show you in regards to Jeremiah Wright's comments. Not just the snippets, but the words in context. Pass this on to others. Most anti-war folks will find themselves agreeing.

Afterwards check out what Ice Cold from Niggas With Hats had to say about it all.

"America's Chickens" sermon:

"God Damn America" sermon:

Ice Cold from Niggas Wit' Hats Guest Editorial on Jeremiah Wright Controversy

What up? Ice Cold stepping in to editorialize on some shit many muh-fuckas have been recently editorializing about. The whole Rev. Wright - Obama thing. I had to do it because Rusty (the New American Negro Nigga) is too concerned he may alienate his white friends, his black friends or both if he says boo about the subject. So here goes --

Let me begin with this -- What the fuck is the problem? People freak out because a black man says rich white people run the country?! Is this a damn joke? Have some Mexican and African-American (see I don't always say nigga) billionaires been hiding out somewhere running things and didn't tell nobody? I'm just sayin', don't rich white folks run the country? Think they'd a been happy for the shout out.

And has Hillary Clinton ever been called a nigger? Unlikely. Though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the ultra-conservatives that are jumping on Obama for all this haven't called her a nigger-lover at some point in time. Especially as she is married to Bill, the first black (why so called, I don't know. Maybe he was called nigger?) president. But given some of the tactics she's employed against Obama in this campaign, I'd say that ad hominem attack (yeah I can habla some Latin) is no longer applicable.

Then there's the whole 9-11 thing. Everyone's acting like, (imagine the next two sentences in Dave Chappelle's "white-guy" voice) How dare someone suggest this country has gone straight up gangsta in some of our beatdowns... I mean dealings abroad? How could any true American dare suggest there could possibly be a legitimate reason for an attack on us?

Shit, Rev. Wright ain't the first to espouse this theory. You coulda heard the same logic on NPR and other liberal media outlets within one week of the 9/11 attacks. Why the hell is this so shocking?

I had to watch Greta Van Susteren whine -- I'll paraphrase cause I wasn't wasting Tivo on the bitch -- something to the effect of, "I've been involved in civil rights work and never heard such hatred against whites..." well damn, when did Rev. Wright call for a riot in the streets? When did he say, "let's all go hit a honky?" Now that would be a racist thing to say. Just like calling people nappy headed hoes is racist, or at least insensitive.

See the difference between Imus and Wright is, Wright made a factual statement, rich white people run this country. Imus' statement was pure conjecture. After all, not all of the ladies on that hoop team were nappy-headed, and who knows if any of them were hoes? And if someone does know, please inform me, because you know how Ice Cold feels about hoes!

And I don't know where POX News... I mean FOX Views... gets off calling for Obama's head because of Rev. Wright. Anne Coulter has said way worse, but they still put that chick-with-a-dick on the air. Maybe they should reject and denounce that freak.

Okay, then there's Rev. Wright's whole "aids was a created by the government to kill blacks..." thing. Dammit, I don't know whether that is true or not, but because of the Tuskegee Experiment I'd say there is grounds for reasonable doubt as to the government's innocence in anything. If they did it once and got caught, I have to assume they've done it before and/or since and did not get caught. And I don't think it is somehow un-American to say so.

So if Rev. Wright is not telling outright lies -- if he wasn't saying some new outrageous charge against America that had never been uttered before -- if he wasn't alluding to a conspiracy theory that is so far-fetched as to be out of the realm of possibility, comprehension and historical precedent, why were so many people so damn upset?

I'll tell you why -- He had too much fun saying that shit! I mean he had a damn good time! He was saying it all with the kind of glee you have when you spread gossip about someone you don't care much for. And I think that's what pissed off some folks and disturbed many nice white Americans. They felt that Rev. Wright didn't care for them and they just couldn't see why not.

Now to be fair, as my lady Mrs. Cold pointed out to me, a lot of black people would be just as mad if a white person was on stage taking great glee in giving factual statistics about, black men in jail, single black mothers etc., with a bunch of white folks in the back ground jumping up and down and high-fiving.

Yeah - I wouldn't like that shit. So in my opinion the problem was not what the Reverend had to say, but how the Reverend said it.

So my advice to anyone that wants to say anything factual but unflattering about another race, creed or color, or about this government is this: DON'T HAVE FUN SAYING THAT SHIT!

Don't laugh, dance or high-five. Don't wear bright colors. Don't get all sing-songy and animated with your voice. Just say it very somberly and then hang your head like you're about to cry.

If you do that you can get away with saying things that are true but unsavory. Things like, "This country is run by rich white people and Hillary Clinton ain't been called a nigger." See? I bet that didn't make you mad at all. And if it did, I only wish you could have seen how sad I looked when I wrote it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Racism Is Over! Didn't You Get the Memo?

My... my... my... What a week! Didn't Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro and former Obama spiritual advisor Reverend Jeremiah Wright get the news? Racism is OVER! Why even mention black or white when racism is just duh-duh-duh-done in this country?

Rev. Wright was Rev. Wrong! Geraldine Ferraro was Genuine Bizarro. Both for the simple reason we American's don't see black or white anymore! And the reason why these stories have been so huge in the national news cycle is that the majority of us good Americans are filled with shock and awe that Ferraro and Rev. Wright didn't get the memo. You say neither did you? Well, here's a copy:
Memo To: America
Subject: Race in America
From: The Powers That Be

You as a good American will no longer see Race. Racism is dead.


The Powers That Be
Isn't that wonderful? No longer do we have to "Fight the Powers That Be" as Public Enemy once suggested in their lyrics. We have the memo.

The question is, what should you do when you encounter someone who did not get the "Racism is Dead; American's Don't See Color" memo? Do what I do, let them know about it. Carry copies to hand out when needed.

For example, the other day I was on an elevator by myself, the doors opened and a woman (possibly white but I'm not sure because as per memo I no longer see color) looked afraid to get on with me. I told her, "Hey, didn't you get the memo?"

I handed her a copy which she quickly read. Next thing I knew we were alone on the elevator and spent our time between P1 and floor 28 talking about the weather and Brittany Spears.

I've given the memo to bankers to get "unapproved" loans changed to "approved." I've given the memo to a Maitre D' and gone from a table by the kitchen to being seated up front by the window. I've even given the memo to black women who only date white guys and gotten laid! (Yes the memo was released long before I got married or even met my future wife!)

My experience is that when shown the memo, most American's obey the memo. We just need to get the memo around to as many of our fellow Americans as possible.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Black Torture Victim sees 2 Defendents Sentenced

This came across the AP. 2 Sentenced in W.Va. Torture Case

Two women accused of taking part in the torture of a young black woman received the maximum sentences possible Thursday. Karen Burton, 46, and Frankie Brewster, 49, both pleaded guilty last month for their roles in the kidnapping and dayslong assault of Megan Williams last summer. They were among seven white defendants charged in the case.

Burton used racial slurs while she stabbed and assaulted Williams. Logan County Circuit Judge Roger Perry sentenced her to 10 years for violating Williams' civil rights and two sentences of two to 10 years for assault. The sentences will be served consecutively.

Brewster received a 10-to-25-year sentence for second-degree sexual assault. Williams had been forced to perform oral sex on her.

Megan Williams, the victim, wearing dark sunglasses and a large black coat, made no statement, but Carmen Williams, the victim's mother felt the plea bargained sentences were too short.

Williams was held captive for several days last summer at Brewster's trailer in Big Creek. In addition to the beatings and assaults, Williams was forced to eat rat feces and was stabbed. The 21-year-old was rescued by sheriff's deputies on Sept. 8 after they received an anonymous tip.

The assailants

Two other defendants already have pleaded guilty and been sentenced. Burton's daughter, Alisha, 23, and George Messer, 27, both pleaded guilty in February to kidnapping and assault and received 10-year sentences.

Felony charges including kidnapping and sexual assault are pending against Brewster's son, Bobby, 24, and Danny Combs, 21. A seventh defendant, Karen Burton's son, Linnie Burton Jr., 21, was indicted on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hot Exercise Aid (N.A.N. Sketch)

An old skit from the New American Negro Comedy Hour. Exercise aid, that Big Black Dick. Scroll down for more serious and political rants.

Olbermann's Blistering Rebuke of Clinton's Silence on Ferraro

Olbermann goes Postal on Clinton for her lack of ethics and morality. Sit back and enjoy. Don't forget to vote on the polls in the side bar if you haven't already.

Gotta love Keith Olbermann. Though my wife did find one problem, I think correctly, with his commentary. Keith's comment that Hillary should "hand over the reins" of her campaign to someone who is less biased is short-sighted. Why is this comment short-sighted? Because it is HILLARY who is running her campaign, or at least agreeing to how things are run, so she'd have to remove herself from the campaign to accomplish this. Boy would that be great!

Should Obama Run as an Independent?

I'm just saying... If Hillary does find a way to wrest the nomination from Barack, and particularly if she does it with her current scorched earth or kitchen sink approach, I'd love to see him run as an independent in the General election. It would be awesome to see him beat both McCain and Clinton in the General Election.

Certainly, if anyone's campaign has the organization, resources and the zeal to make this work it is Obama's. Honestly, if Clinton somehow gets the nomination the Dems chances (unless McCain has a health issue, which at his age is possible) are sunk anyway, so why not?

How many Obama supporters would be willing to vote for Barack as an independent candidate? If Joe Lieberman can do it, why not Barack? Would you vote for him? Register your vote in the sidebar poll at the top of the page.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary Uses Saul Alinsky Tactics to Hurt Obama

What follows is Saul Alinki's "Rules For Radicals." Alinski was the subject of Hillary's controversial thesis paper at Wellesley College.

There are plenty of "rules" and you can see she is using them against Obama in her campaign.

Who is Saul Alinsky? Click Here...

"Personalize it"

Saul Alinsky's rules of power tactics, excerpted from his 1971 book "Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals"

1. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

Well here the enemy is the voter. Because Clinton is trying to prove that she has more "experience" than Obama, though I'd argue it just isn't true. Count his years in the state senate and he has held political office longer than Clinton.

2. Never go outside the experience of your people.

This is shown in a couple of things. One, Hillary's "people" are white women and blue collar voters. She has played up the "woman" angle and the race angle which is an issue more within the blue collar crowd than the more educated groups.

3. Whenever possible go outside the experience of the enemy.

Once again, Clinton's "I have experience" argument. Obama (the enemy) does not.

4. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

She can attack him negatively but if he attacks her negative she asks "What happened to the new politics of hope?" Thereby trying to turn Obama's advantage, (new, fresh, honest not petty or a mudslinger) into a disadvantage.

5. Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

She's ridiculed his speaking style. Ridiculed him in debates (she got booed at least once). Ridiculed his credentials.

6. A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.

Racists enjoy a racial attack, and Clinton has her surrogates (Geraldine Ferraro) making these for her.

7. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

Every other day we see a different Hillary.

8. Keep the pressure on.

Since the Bill Clinton's comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson, they have not let America forget "he's BLACK!"

9. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

The threat of Barack going negative on Hillary may just be more terrifying than if he did it. At this point things have become so contentious between the two it may actually pay dividends, but there would be the initial hit he would have to take.

10. Maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.

See #8 above.

11. If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.

Her negative campaigning is moving forward, because despite the public's assertion that they don't like it, they respond to it. See Ohio and keep and eye on Pennsylvania.

12. The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

She keeps attacking, with the hope of making Obama so unattractive that she becomes the only alternative.

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

She has tried to freeze Obama using attacks. They have been personal and polarizing in that they have taken Obama off his positive message and put him on the defense.

So there you have it. You can find the full article on Hillary's hidden thesis (though now released, but if she becomes president they'll lock it up again!) here: MSNBC Clinton Thesis Article

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Old Boss


For no other reason than I like this picture. Dave Chappelle on a day when we were shooting green screen. Good times.... Good Times....

More important stories continue below.

Will Pennsylvania be Keystone State or Keystone of HATE for Obama?

Well, there are no small wins in this contest as Obama has shown. And getting 2 more delegates in Wyoming than Shrillary is better than splitting or getting less. And now, on to Pennsylvania... well there is Mississippi, but everyone is really waiting for the big Pennsylvania face off.


I grew up in Pennsylvania and not a more racially charged northern state can I imagine (other than Ohio). When I go home to Pittsburgh I can still see the vestiges of racist incidents past. Personal ones. The Catholic schoolyard where, as one of the few black kids in the entire school, I was beaten on and called nigger by an older white kid who didn't think I should dare tag his superior white skin as "It!" I remember the entire schoolyard watching me be humiliated. Then there was the time my family went to look at a house for sale but never even made it out of the car because the seller saw we were black and told the realtor he wouldn't sell to us. There are others, but you get the idea. So PA Governor Ed "Fast Eddie" Rendell probably was correct when he said of the state that, " ... there are some whites who are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate."

Yes, I imagine some of them are still there. I knew a lot of the as kids. Went to school with them because, my parents thought the benefits of a private school education outweighed the racist bullshit I had to put up with to get it and they were right. Allowing ignorant fools to limit your options is always wrong. And that is what ignorant Gov. Rendell was trying to put forth when he suggested that Barack's candidacy was not to be valued because there where still ignorant whites who would not support him.

Not only did he want to limit Barack's option in this instance, he wanted to limit the country's options by depriving them of a viable candidate. My suspicions are there will be that segment (as in Ohio) that will never consider Barack because of race. And I suspect that that group will be mainly comprised of poor uneducated white Pennsylvanians.

It is interesting to note that at the white catholic elementary school I went to the students were from primarily poor, working class families of little education. This is the school I faced the most racism. The white private highschool I went to however had students from very wealthy and well-educated families. There I experienced some ignorance of who black people were (which was to be expected as I was also ignorant about them), but no overt racism that I can recall. These educated whites are the ones that have been showing up for Obama all along. Problem is Pennsylvania may still have more of the blue-collar (code words for "poor" and "uneducated") whites than I would care to see. But Rendell would know. They voted for him.

I am still optimistic however. There are good people there. When I go back I do notice some things have gotten better. I have hope that the Keystone Hate can become the Keystone State for Obama.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary Clinton Bipolar?

So Hillary Clinton has an ad (the red phone ad) where she asks who you'd want answering the phone in the White House if it rang at 3 in the morning with a crisis. Would we want the "inexperienced" Obama or the "experienced" Hillary?

Um let me think... well I'd want someone who'd be thoughtful, measured and slow to F-ING FREAK. In other words I'd want almost anyone but Hillary Clinton!

Senator Obama watches one of the many "Faces of Hillary" with his usual calm dignified air.

The woman goes from cocky (pre Iowa) to crying (pre New Hampshire) to smiling warm and fuzzy, (the Texas debate) to psycho bitch (press conference one day later commenting on week's old Obama campaign mailers) to steely cold (Ohio debate) to exuberant and bubbly after the Texas Ohio primaries. She's been the experience candidate, the change with experience candidate, the I'll fight for you candidate, the I'm not an insider candidate and I'm not an insider but I got tons of experience so I know how the inside runs but I'm, really, I'm not an insider and I'm a tough woman, but I'm a woman so I'll love everyone while I go to Washington and kick some Republican ass candidate! Question is, which one of these Shrillarys* (sorry my feminist friends) will be answering the phone?

I have a four year old that is more emotionally stable!

If this is how Hillary deals with a non life or death crisis I'd hate to see how she deals with a real one. Oh I forgot, she did deal with a real crisis while she and Bill where in the White House. I think it was called... "Bill and Hillary's marriage" and of course Shrillary blamed all that on a right wing conspiracy.

So that said... I'll sleep much better now, secure in the knowledge that no matter whatever the crisis, Shrillery will at least know where to put the blame!

(*Shrillary that's shrill + Hillary and yes I know men don't get called shrill and that might be sexist but let's be honest -- she can be SHRILL.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama Got Faith! Video

Well, I had no idea when I shot it that this video would be so timely!

Texas two step an F.U. step for my man Obama???

Well that was exciting... NOT. Yes, despite the time I spent phoning from Los Angeles to Texas yesterday to get the vote out for Obama, last night Hillary gained new life by winning the popular vote in three contests. Given her early substantial lead in both Texas and Ohio some credit has to go to Obama for at least closing the gap in the lone star state. I knew I should have called more numbers! Yes I blame myself for the loss.

But I know what you are wondering, what does this mean for the New American Negro? Well, I wonder what some Old American Negroes who jumped the Clinton ship to go support Obama are thinking now. Are they comfortable with their decision now that Senator Obama has taken some lumps? Or will they have the where-with-all to embrace his fight?

It is rather disheartening when you realize most politicians are more concerned with jockeying votes for the next big election than pursuing the convictions of their own ideals. Or, for some, even having some ideals to begin with.

Still, the discussion will now become whether Barack deserves to win given that he has not won any of the BIG states. They will question whether that means he can fend off McCain in those states come November. The question of whether certain Americans can bring themselves to vote for a black man will resurface ever more strongly. I do remember one CNN exit poll in regards to Ohio that stated that a substantial number of those polled there (perhaps 30-40% if memory serves, but I'll try to find the actual number) said that race played a factor in their vote. And 8 out of 10 of those that did said they voted for Clinton. Well DAMN! I guess I won't be looking to move to Ohio any time soon.

But back to Barack. And let me begin this by saying black or white I believe he is the man for the job. That said, I remember a discussion with a black friend of mine afer the New Hampshire primary. He was mad at me for causing him to BELIEVE that Obama stood a chance. With the pre-primary polling showing him ahead he felt the "Bradley Effect" had sunk Obama. Another words, whites who had said they would vote for him just couldn't get themselves to pull the lever once they got into the polling booths. The Iowa caucus went Obama's way he surmised because voters couldn't hide in a caucus. Put another way: they couldn't be racist behind closed doors.

I felt this was not the correct way to view this. I felt Hillary's crying jag pulled some sympathy from women and the pollsters didn't catch it. Obama went on to prove himself in later elections and caucuses. But the main point that I mentioned to my friend, who was debating whether or not to vote for a "white" candidate so he wouldn't waste his vote on someone who had no chance (I think at the time for him that was Edwards who isn't even in the race anymore) ...anyhow, my MAIN point was this...


So even if Obama wasn't going to win, it was important to see this black candidate, who we both believe is the best candidate, to go as far through the process as possible. Even if he doesn't win it creates within the consciousness the possibility that it CAN happen, so that the next time maybe it will.

For example, has Obama been helped by these past events: Colin Powell being considered as a presidential candidate? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Alan Keyes and Shirley Chisholm all running for the office?
Even Dennis Haysbert's portrayal of a black president on the tv show 24 or Tiny Lister in the movie The Fifth Element have put the concept of a black president into the American psyche.

These things have made it easier for people to imagine and I believe vote for a black man for our nation's top office. And to be fair, I guess Geena Davis's television show where she was president, though short lived, has benefited Hillary.
Dennis Haysbert was in 24

Tiny Lister in The Fifth Element

But the point is, whether Barack gets there or not, he is legitimizing the concept, the belief and the value of an African-American president more than we have ever seen before. I can't help but think it also will make it easier for some blacks somewhere to be looked upon as equals by those who may not have given them that respect before this campaign season, and hopefully it will allow some of us blacks to realize that they are not nearly as victimized by race as they may believe. That is the New American Negro Position.

As Puffy or P-Diddy or Diddy or just plain "P" might say, Take that, take that, take that...

And hey... he's still ahead in delegates! Go Bama!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Despite Feminist Outrage New American Negro supports Barack Obama

For the New American Negro this primary campaign season has been one of the most thrilling ever. And one of the most fascinating things about it has been the manner in which feminists and Black Americans have received their candidates.

Obama's initial quest for the nomination did not result in an outpouring of support from the Black Political Establishment, whereas feminists jumped on the Hillary bandwagon (sure they'd just assume jump on Hillary LOL) without hesitation.

Funny that this "support by association" is the sort of thing that blacks are normally tagged with perpetrating. But many blacks were not on the Obama train (for various reasons) until Bumbling Bill allowed his loose lips to help sink Hillary's ship after the New Hampshire primary.

Feminists meanwhile have been publicly bemoaning the fact that their previously-thought-to-be-anointed candidate seems to be losing her thunder. This was to be the year of a woman! And I find it interesting that the media for the most part is ignoring that these women seem to think she is qualified for no other reason than that she is... a WOMAN!

Now, as a New American Negro myself, I do feel some pride that someone who is half black, or Nigerian or whatever... has a strong chance to take the big seat in the oval office. But I'm not voting for him only because he is black, or half black or whatever... I truly think he has the ability to do the job and do it better than those he is running against.

So when I hear the feminists complaining that some "cute guy" has come in and stolen what should belong to a "more experienced woman" I want to ask them... "More experienced at what?"

Let's see she's been in the Senate nearly eight years to his nearly four, but that doesn't include his time in the Illinois state senate.

She's lived in the White House, but not as an elected official. She's visited many foreign countries, but in a ceremonial role. So?

I think the measure of each of their potential abilities as President can be seen in how they run their campaigns. These are the largest organizations either of them has ever presided over.

Hillary's campaign has had trouble finding a message and staying financially feasible. She apparently has been unable to control the infighting occurring within her staff of advisers. And she has looked absolutely bipolar when faced with a crisis (i.e. her faltering campaign) going from tears to strident to gushing about campaigning with Obama to calling him out for a fight.

Do I want someone this, dare I say, unpredictable to be commander-in-chief?

Obama's campaign by contrast has, up to now, been steady, financially sound and able to deal with some fairly sharp jabs from his opponents with a measured consistency that makes him look like he is the one with the experience to make him unflappable in a moment of crisis.

Yet many women only see the opportunity of a woman president slipping away. They need to look at the particular woman and the particular man she is running against.

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Obama Time - the Video!

So this is my contribution to the Obama campaign. The budget keeps me below the campaign contribution limit, as you can tell by the questionable green screen.

Who is Rusty? And WHAT is a New American Negro?

I'm Rusty Cundieff, this is my blog. You may be saying, "New American Negro... what the hell?" Well, I'm taking back the word Negro. Reclaiming it! Maybe I can do for Negro what hip-hop has done for nigga... um o.k., not really trying to do that.

New American Negro was a television comedy sketch pilot I did a few years back that was filled with astute and pointed social commentary. I know it was astute and pointed because... well for no reason other than that's how it seemed to me. And considering my opportunity to direct many episodes of the Chappelle Show for Comedy Central was a direct result of this pilot, I'd have to say I hit my mark.

But are you any closer to understanding the concept of the New American Negro? No? Well keep checking in. I'll explain it all in due time. Sort of like God.