Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plaxico Burress On Gun Safety

Plaxico wins the award for FOOL MOVE of the Year! When the guy played in Pittsburgh for the Steelers he lived just down the street from my mom. He seemed reasonable, I mean he had the white on white on white Mercedes for his girlfriend, and the requisite Hummer and a Pick Up that was jacked up about two stories high, but that's normal for a young NFL star. I mean Big Ben Rothlisberger lived across the street as well and though his trucks weren't as big he rode a motorcycle without a helmet and crashed (almost making him Big "BEEN" Rothlisberger ) so obviously stupidity runs on both sides of the racial divide when it comes to NFL superstars.

But shooting yourself in the leg at a disco requires a level of bad judgment that goes beyond the normal idiocy of these guys. So anyhow, here's another video a friend sent me that I didn't produce, but find rather funny...


Anonymous said...

I have spoken YEARS ago about the importance of dolls to the favored gender, how it would teach them nurturing, love, compassion. In the 50s, with the advent of a new doll named Barbie, this shifted from positivie values to more superficial values like appearance.
They need to change the Man in the Moon clue to appear more demonic.

The gods intent to punish our excess and waste ofo resources as our lifestyle, sourced in from foreign countries without enviornmental regulations, are treating Planet Earth like a toxic cesspool, one we have to remain in, continually reincarnated until we fix our ever-intensifying disfavor and fianlly ascend with our purity and innocence.

Anonymous said...

The meaning of life.

The secret at the core of the meaning of life is that only children ascend into heaven. The innocence and purity of children are the valued charecterisitics, requirements of the gods. Come adulthood people's purity becomes compromised as they are corrupted, earning them their place in the level of the animals. The gods have transcended the typical needs of the animals, and have achieve a higher life form.
So many clues they offer in society. One is to find your inner child inside. To understand these charecterisits will help you see the path you must take. Children value things that are healthy, like family, togetherness, unconditional love, not drinking, drugs, sexual intercourse.
Mankind has taken this journey since the beginning of time::::A moment of clarity compelled those with faith to pursue enlightenment, pray and seek more, and with proper long-term behavior more was offered. When combined with attonement for prior sins significant progress is made, ensuring true candidacy upon reincarnation, resulting in the individual's final spiritual journey.