Monday, March 3, 2008

Who is Rusty? And WHAT is a New American Negro?

I'm Rusty Cundieff, this is my blog. You may be saying, "New American Negro... what the hell?" Well, I'm taking back the word Negro. Reclaiming it! Maybe I can do for Negro what hip-hop has done for nigga... um o.k., not really trying to do that.

New American Negro was a television comedy sketch pilot I did a few years back that was filled with astute and pointed social commentary. I know it was astute and pointed because... well for no reason other than that's how it seemed to me. And considering my opportunity to direct many episodes of the Chappelle Show for Comedy Central was a direct result of this pilot, I'd have to say I hit my mark.

But are you any closer to understanding the concept of the New American Negro? No? Well keep checking in. I'll explain it all in due time. Sort of like God.


DJC said...

Will New American Negro, the pilot be linked to this blog? Can't wait to see it.

New American Negro said...

Hadn't thought about it, but great idea. I'll work on that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rusty,

You and I went to the same high school in Pittsburgh for a while, where we were both in a club that did shows after school at hospitals, etc. You were always a nice guy and fun to be around.

Last time we talked, I was attending Duquesne and doing radio and you were attending USC and doing stand-up. I'm impressed by all you've achieved!

I'm involved in comedy and filmmaking, as well. If you ever visit Pittsburgh, it would be great to catch up.

Much continued success!