Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ice Cold from Niggas Wit' Hats Guest Editorial on Jeremiah Wright Controversy

What up? Ice Cold stepping in to editorialize on some shit many muh-fuckas have been recently editorializing about. The whole Rev. Wright - Obama thing. I had to do it because Rusty (the New American Negro Nigga) is too concerned he may alienate his white friends, his black friends or both if he says boo about the subject. So here goes --

Let me begin with this -- What the fuck is the problem? People freak out because a black man says rich white people run the country?! Is this a damn joke? Have some Mexican and African-American (see I don't always say nigga) billionaires been hiding out somewhere running things and didn't tell nobody? I'm just sayin', don't rich white folks run the country? Think they'd a been happy for the shout out.

And has Hillary Clinton ever been called a nigger? Unlikely. Though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the ultra-conservatives that are jumping on Obama for all this haven't called her a nigger-lover at some point in time. Especially as she is married to Bill, the first black (why so called, I don't know. Maybe he was called nigger?) president. But given some of the tactics she's employed against Obama in this campaign, I'd say that ad hominem attack (yeah I can habla some Latin) is no longer applicable.

Then there's the whole 9-11 thing. Everyone's acting like, (imagine the next two sentences in Dave Chappelle's "white-guy" voice) How dare someone suggest this country has gone straight up gangsta in some of our beatdowns... I mean dealings abroad? How could any true American dare suggest there could possibly be a legitimate reason for an attack on us?

Shit, Rev. Wright ain't the first to espouse this theory. You coulda heard the same logic on NPR and other liberal media outlets within one week of the 9/11 attacks. Why the hell is this so shocking?

I had to watch Greta Van Susteren whine -- I'll paraphrase cause I wasn't wasting Tivo on the bitch -- something to the effect of, "I've been involved in civil rights work and never heard such hatred against whites..." well damn, when did Rev. Wright call for a riot in the streets? When did he say, "let's all go hit a honky?" Now that would be a racist thing to say. Just like calling people nappy headed hoes is racist, or at least insensitive.

See the difference between Imus and Wright is, Wright made a factual statement, rich white people run this country. Imus' statement was pure conjecture. After all, not all of the ladies on that hoop team were nappy-headed, and who knows if any of them were hoes? And if someone does know, please inform me, because you know how Ice Cold feels about hoes!

And I don't know where POX News... I mean FOX Views... gets off calling for Obama's head because of Rev. Wright. Anne Coulter has said way worse, but they still put that chick-with-a-dick on the air. Maybe they should reject and denounce that freak.

Okay, then there's Rev. Wright's whole "aids was a created by the government to kill blacks..." thing. Dammit, I don't know whether that is true or not, but because of the Tuskegee Experiment I'd say there is grounds for reasonable doubt as to the government's innocence in anything. If they did it once and got caught, I have to assume they've done it before and/or since and did not get caught. And I don't think it is somehow un-American to say so.

So if Rev. Wright is not telling outright lies -- if he wasn't saying some new outrageous charge against America that had never been uttered before -- if he wasn't alluding to a conspiracy theory that is so far-fetched as to be out of the realm of possibility, comprehension and historical precedent, why were so many people so damn upset?

I'll tell you why -- He had too much fun saying that shit! I mean he had a damn good time! He was saying it all with the kind of glee you have when you spread gossip about someone you don't care much for. And I think that's what pissed off some folks and disturbed many nice white Americans. They felt that Rev. Wright didn't care for them and they just couldn't see why not.

Now to be fair, as my lady Mrs. Cold pointed out to me, a lot of black people would be just as mad if a white person was on stage taking great glee in giving factual statistics about, black men in jail, single black mothers etc., with a bunch of white folks in the back ground jumping up and down and high-fiving.

Yeah - I wouldn't like that shit. So in my opinion the problem was not what the Reverend had to say, but how the Reverend said it.

So my advice to anyone that wants to say anything factual but unflattering about another race, creed or color, or about this government is this: DON'T HAVE FUN SAYING THAT SHIT!

Don't laugh, dance or high-five. Don't wear bright colors. Don't get all sing-songy and animated with your voice. Just say it very somberly and then hang your head like you're about to cry.

If you do that you can get away with saying things that are true but unsavory. Things like, "This country is run by rich white people and Hillary Clinton ain't been called a nigger." See? I bet that didn't make you mad at all. And if it did, I only wish you could have seen how sad I looked when I wrote it.

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joycean said...

this post reminds me that fear of a black hat was a staggering work of comedic genius. how many movies do you see where almost every single line and action is funny?

also, glad obama won. i hope his presidency makes it a bit more acceptable for people to take seriously some of the things wright (and countless leftists of all races and religions) say about america and its history/present, but i'm still not completely convinced that obama will really challenge the establishment... regardless, we dodged a huge bullet with mccain/palin.

hope you have continued success.