Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Despite Feminist Outrage New American Negro supports Barack Obama

For the New American Negro this primary campaign season has been one of the most thrilling ever. And one of the most fascinating things about it has been the manner in which feminists and Black Americans have received their candidates.

Obama's initial quest for the nomination did not result in an outpouring of support from the Black Political Establishment, whereas feminists jumped on the Hillary bandwagon (sure they'd just assume jump on Hillary LOL) without hesitation.

Funny that this "support by association" is the sort of thing that blacks are normally tagged with perpetrating. But many blacks were not on the Obama train (for various reasons) until Bumbling Bill allowed his loose lips to help sink Hillary's ship after the New Hampshire primary.

Feminists meanwhile have been publicly bemoaning the fact that their previously-thought-to-be-anointed candidate seems to be losing her thunder. This was to be the year of a woman! And I find it interesting that the media for the most part is ignoring that these women seem to think she is qualified for no other reason than that she is... a WOMAN!

Now, as a New American Negro myself, I do feel some pride that someone who is half black, or Nigerian or whatever... has a strong chance to take the big seat in the oval office. But I'm not voting for him only because he is black, or half black or whatever... I truly think he has the ability to do the job and do it better than those he is running against.

So when I hear the feminists complaining that some "cute guy" has come in and stolen what should belong to a "more experienced woman" I want to ask them... "More experienced at what?"

Let's see she's been in the Senate nearly eight years to his nearly four, but that doesn't include his time in the Illinois state senate.

She's lived in the White House, but not as an elected official. She's visited many foreign countries, but in a ceremonial role. So?

I think the measure of each of their potential abilities as President can be seen in how they run their campaigns. These are the largest organizations either of them has ever presided over.

Hillary's campaign has had trouble finding a message and staying financially feasible. She apparently has been unable to control the infighting occurring within her staff of advisers. And she has looked absolutely bipolar when faced with a crisis (i.e. her faltering campaign) going from tears to strident to gushing about campaigning with Obama to calling him out for a fight.

Do I want someone this, dare I say, unpredictable to be commander-in-chief?

Obama's campaign by contrast has, up to now, been steady, financially sound and able to deal with some fairly sharp jabs from his opponents with a measured consistency that makes him look like he is the one with the experience to make him unflappable in a moment of crisis.

Yet many women only see the opportunity of a woman president slipping away. They need to look at the particular woman and the particular man she is running against.

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Anonymous said...

Keep those posts coming! Your video was great and I really appreciate your observations on the political campaigns.