Thursday, March 13, 2008

Should Obama Run as an Independent?

I'm just saying... If Hillary does find a way to wrest the nomination from Barack, and particularly if she does it with her current scorched earth or kitchen sink approach, I'd love to see him run as an independent in the General election. It would be awesome to see him beat both McCain and Clinton in the General Election.

Certainly, if anyone's campaign has the organization, resources and the zeal to make this work it is Obama's. Honestly, if Clinton somehow gets the nomination the Dems chances (unless McCain has a health issue, which at his age is possible) are sunk anyway, so why not?

How many Obama supporters would be willing to vote for Barack as an independent candidate? If Joe Lieberman can do it, why not Barack? Would you vote for him? Register your vote in the sidebar poll at the top of the page.

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