Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary Clinton Bipolar?

So Hillary Clinton has an ad (the red phone ad) where she asks who you'd want answering the phone in the White House if it rang at 3 in the morning with a crisis. Would we want the "inexperienced" Obama or the "experienced" Hillary?

Um let me think... well I'd want someone who'd be thoughtful, measured and slow to F-ING FREAK. In other words I'd want almost anyone but Hillary Clinton!

Senator Obama watches one of the many "Faces of Hillary" with his usual calm dignified air.

The woman goes from cocky (pre Iowa) to crying (pre New Hampshire) to smiling warm and fuzzy, (the Texas debate) to psycho bitch (press conference one day later commenting on week's old Obama campaign mailers) to steely cold (Ohio debate) to exuberant and bubbly after the Texas Ohio primaries. She's been the experience candidate, the change with experience candidate, the I'll fight for you candidate, the I'm not an insider candidate and I'm not an insider but I got tons of experience so I know how the inside runs but I'm, really, I'm not an insider and I'm a tough woman, but I'm a woman so I'll love everyone while I go to Washington and kick some Republican ass candidate! Question is, which one of these Shrillarys* (sorry my feminist friends) will be answering the phone?

I have a four year old that is more emotionally stable!

If this is how Hillary deals with a non life or death crisis I'd hate to see how she deals with a real one. Oh I forgot, she did deal with a real crisis while she and Bill where in the White House. I think it was called... "Bill and Hillary's marriage" and of course Shrillary blamed all that on a right wing conspiracy.

So that said... I'll sleep much better now, secure in the knowledge that no matter whatever the crisis, Shrillery will at least know where to put the blame!

(*Shrillary that's shrill + Hillary and yes I know men don't get called shrill and that might be sexist but let's be honest -- she can be SHRILL.)

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