Thursday, March 13, 2008

Olbermann's Blistering Rebuke of Clinton's Silence on Ferraro

Olbermann goes Postal on Clinton for her lack of ethics and morality. Sit back and enjoy. Don't forget to vote on the polls in the side bar if you haven't already.

Gotta love Keith Olbermann. Though my wife did find one problem, I think correctly, with his commentary. Keith's comment that Hillary should "hand over the reins" of her campaign to someone who is less biased is short-sighted. Why is this comment short-sighted? Because it is HILLARY who is running her campaign, or at least agreeing to how things are run, so she'd have to remove herself from the campaign to accomplish this. Boy would that be great!


DJC said...

damn! that Keith O was pretty pissed off. I think Hillary has heard what he had to say and if she does not 'reject and denounce' Hillary is no better than Rove or any other Repub. This is going to be a long hot summer!


Anonymous said...

Keith O Went medieval on that ass!!!